Chicago Blackhawks’ Bottom-Six Forwards Projection

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NHL season will be here before we know it, but the list is the Chicago Blackhawks’ away from the set

We waited hockey for some time, and we’re going to get it within a few days of the World Cup. But the NHL is still a little longer away, with the opening of training camps during the World Cup and regular season, starting in October.

Chicago Blackhawks, as well as many other teams have some decisions to make on their roster. While protection seems largely set, only the sixth quarterback spot is still up for debate, the attackers are in a state of flux.

The second line-Artemi Panarin Jersey Anisimov Patrick Kane will remain in place, one would hope. Toews will be on the top line, and Marin Hossa could certainly be to start the season. Other forward we can pencil in the registry include Marcus Kruger, Andrew Desjardins, Richard Panik and Jordin Tootoo.

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But what we should do from the bottom six Blackhawks, “at this point? The first line is certainly cause for concern, with only Toews locked in on it. But the lower six full toss-up, with only Kruger and Desjardins set as regular starters there (hopefully, Tootoo is not “normal starter” anywhere).

So let’s look at some guys that could lock up spots in the bottom six ahead of the season opener.

Brandon Mashinter

We’ll start with the unfortunate name, because I just want to get him out of the way. What I think Joel Quenneville is planning to do is to wear a Tootoo and Mashinter, and then rotate them in and out as useless forward – I mean, grit player.

So I would say that the chances Mashinter registry conversion better than 75 percent, even if he does not deserve a place.

Dennis Rasmussen

Moose got a little forgotten man this offseason that the Blackhawks are desperately in need of scoring and younger, more aggressively-inclined available options. Rasmussen was fine last season as a fourth-line center, but it was all just treading water.

I’m honestly not sure Rasmussen chance of making the premiere of the registry. Of course, he was with the team for much of last season, but with the Blackhawks needing crimes – especially those from the lower six – nine points is not going to cut it. It will be an interesting case.

chicago Blackhawks
Richard Panik

He’s going to be at the opening night roster, unless there is widespread disappointment in training camp. But where he plays is the current unknown. Some fans want it on the top line after a strong showing in the 2016 postseason. Others do not think he can last out there for the season.

I would say that the winds Panik start the season in the bottom six, maybe playing with Kruger and someone else. I would not be surprised if he winds up on the top line at some point, but I think now that Q has other plans for that right.

Nick Schmaltz

It may be “other plans” I have just mentioned. If Schmaltz shows enough in camp – the AKA, if he shows that he can play some protection as a striker – he is likely to crack the list of Chicago.


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And I think that Q can then go to the top line Schmaltz-Toews-Hossa.
Yes, Hossa can and probably should wind up in the bottom six at some point this season. But more questions than answers right now for the front body, it is probably best to stick to Hossa in a familiar role. Schmaltz, in the meantime, the boy, who can provide the midfield, scoring push for the line, something he desperately missing last season.

Ryan Hartman

I think a lot of fans want to see the Blackhawks Hartman at the opening night roster. I just do not quite sure where it fits, if the Blackhawks are planning to hold two boobs in Tootoo and Mashinter.

You do not like to add the young guys in the registry, do not play them. They are much better to give time to the AHL level. Hartman could be the left wing close to Rasmussen on the fourth line, with rotation Tootoo / Mashinter right. But you get very little from the production line, as it is, so I do not know how Hartman fits into the current plans.

If Rasmussen and / or Mashinter not / does not make a list, I like much more likely to Hartman cracking it.

chicago Blackhawks
Vincent Hinostroza

Pretty much the same here as Hinostroza is unproven offensive items. He had a little more time than the start Hartman in the past, and he had seen him fight. But this is to be expected with the way the Blackhawks were shuffling kids around last season.

I think that Hartmann offers a bit more than the offensive potential Hinostroza growth, so that the latter may have to make a big impression in the camp, to crack the roster.

Tanner Kero

If he does over Rasmussen’s registry, I do not see how Kero is part of a group of 23 people to start. I would not be surprised if he gets another call-up this season, but Kero offers so little offensive upside. Hartman, Hinostroza or one of the other two guys, I’m going to mention the best options for the Blackhawks than Kero now.

Tyler Mott

I would really hate to waste talent in Mott Tootoo along and / or Mashinter, but it can be a guy you can not afford not to allow the registry.

Mott has shown some impressive offensive talent in the NCAA and junior national levels, as well as, depending on what it shows in the camp, it can be a tough guy to pass up. Q may prefer to start it in the AHL, get him some more seasoning. But I would not be entirely surprised to see Mott in the register early.

chicago Blackhawks
Mark McNeill

I saved MacNeil finally, because I honestly do not believe that the Blackhawks plan “for him. There have been reports in the past season, the team soured on the former first-round pick. Getting called to the blank game against Carolina, and immediately sent back down to do anything, to change this view.

I think that McNeill is a crime to offer Blackhawks – he posted 48 points in 66 regular season AHL games last season – but I just do not know that they trust him enough to let him show it. At this point, if McNeil makes opening night roster in 2016, I’m not sure there’s much of a future left for him in Chicago.

What have we learned?

Well … not so much. I just wanted to lay out some options Blackhawks could apply for their bottom six in the early stages. But it is very difficult to guess who is actually going to make the roster.

Up next: The Blackhawks making waves at the World Cup
Blackhawks have a lot of work to do come training camp, and all the guys above have particularly good show when the boys hit the ice.


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