How to make the World Cup of Hockey even better

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As the 2016 World Cup winds down, we asked ourselves: What is the next installment of the event should look like? If teams like North America and Europe are invited back? Or if the tournament limited to teams from a particular country? Should we once again under-24 team players? Our writers have offered their ideas and suggestions.

The kids played hockey that we will never forget, and old goats of Europe reminded us what a first-team concept can produce. But the World Cup of Hockey, in my mind, has to come back in 2020 with a traditional format. Cheap Blackhawks Jersey.

Why? Because these are not really “best-on-best” unless countries have all their best players at their disposal. Team USA would have had access to Johnny Gaudreau, Jack Eichel, Brandon Saad and Auston Matthews. Hey, Americans could still lost, but at least they would have been able to choose from all the best options. And Connor McDavid should have been on Team Canada (a scary thought, given how Canada romped through the tournament ).

The point is, “best-on-best ” was invented for former Cup tournaments Canada because, unlike the Olympic competitions the time hockey, Canada Cup really brought the best NHL players each countries. so I suggest the top eight of return for 2020 hockey country, with the last two points to be determined in a European qualifying tournament in the summer of 2019. And if the NHL does not participate in the Olympic Games in South Korea 2018 (lot left to play on that end anyway), then it is even more imperative for the NHL and the players’ Association to the NHL to return with a traditional format, the only country for there to be a better best -on-event crown truly the best country in the world this year. – Pierre LeBrun

This is a difficult question for me, because my favorite part of this World Cup team looked North America play, Patrick Kane Jersey. Children placed in the top two tournament games against Russia and Sweden, and yet I think they should not be here again. For the World Cup to matter much as it should, hockey should follow the example of soccer. Every four years, it should organize a best-on-best tournament with the eight best seeded countries worldwide.

I like the size and duration of the tournament, but I would do the final one set to improve the chances of an upset. I have a host city of the World Cup, but I move the event around among competitors from year to year and give it a truly international flavor. Book the Olympics for children – 23 years and under, again, just like football. Then we come to see the brightest young stars of the game every two years, and we only ask more of his horses every four. Two different tournaments, with two different feels. And with the World Cup being the most inclusive and meaningful of all. – Chris Jones

The top two stories in this World Cup were the North American team captured the hearts of hockey fans everywhere and Team Europe making a Cinderella run. I see my colleagues are trying to euthanize them. Scott Darling Jersey. They are just as ruthless as I always suspected.

I’m not interested in bringing Germany and Slovakia in the mix, only to get crushed by Canada. I loved the stories of the players on Team Europe beat the great powers during the international game for the first time in their lives. I say let it continue.


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