St. Louis Blues Opposition: Chicago Blackhawks

patrick kane jersey

The St. Louis Blues Jersey and Chicago Blackhawks have had ups and downs, but despite everything they have kept some of the biggest rivals. playoff series last season cemented that if it was not already.

Well, we’re previewing the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks duels, so it can only mean one thing. The 2016-17 is upon us.

We have endured the long and trying offseason and returned hockey. Whether blues and Hawks can live up to their epic showdown in the 2016 playoffs remains to be seen.

Blues could have, and should have finished off his main rival in less than seven games. In the end, it could not be done and games, additional tax may have cost the Blues a chance at their first finals in over 40 years.

Now, on the opening night of the new season, the Blues will face the Blackhawks Jerseys for the moment 302 in the regular season. It is a perfect opportunity for both teams to prove he is serious.

It’s an interesting dichotomy for both squads. Blue being counted out by many and Chicago, for the sole reason that they are Chicago, is being labeled as a competitor.

Blues beat Chicago to end the preseason, but did not really matter. It was against a Chicago team without many of their best players.

Now, it does matter and all games of the regular season against Chicago matter. If we agree on how high are estimated by the media, the Blackhawks are still the measuring stick because of how much they have won.


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